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The biggest mistake sellers make is assuming their home will sell for what it’s worth. The reality is far more complicated. Buyers are individuals with their own personalities, goals, and objectives. They each search for a home based upon an unique formula of price, location, features, and condition. Some buyers want move-in ready premium condition homes, others want bargains and don’t care about condition, some are willing to pay top dollar and others will only accept deep discounts. These differences create a value range for your home.

Our process is designed to thoroughly and methodically evaluate your home’s current condition and current market dynamics to determine your home’s current value range. Next, we analyze what it would take to move your home’s value higher in the range, what it would cost to do so, and the time necessary to complete the process. Finally, we help you determine the potential return on investment for varous options and scenarios to discover the solution yielding your maximum net equity.



In real estate the most common mantra you’ll hear is “location, location, location.” However, when selling your home your mantra should be PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION. You need a strategic plan to quickly assess the home’s current condition, and determine what (if any) improvements to make before listing the home for sale.



Pricing the home either gives the buyer leverage over the seller, or the seller leverage over the buyer. Savvy sellers want to tilt the odds in their favor, but don’t be fooled into thinking you have to under price your home in order to gain leverage in the negotiation. 

All of our pricing recommendations are based on a combination of state-of-the-art maching learning big data analysis, traditional comps review, street level hyper-local strategic assessment, framed against your personal goals and objectives.  We go further, and dig deeper, to provide a pricing strategy uniquely tailored to you, rooted in reality, with a high likelihood of success.



Attracting buyers that are unqualified, unmotivated, and unsure of what they want is a recipe for disaster. Most agents focus on promotion that brings ANYONE into the home because your listing is a lead generator for their future business. Sadly, this has nothing to do with getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

Our promotion reaches the right type of buyer by applying market research, consumer demographics, technology tools, extensive networking, and good old fashioned sales skills to cut through the noise and get your home noticed.



Our focus is always on your long term goals and objectives. We frame each decision, concession, and compromise around those objectives so your actions align with the goals you seek. 

We approach negotiation by methodically applying proven principles routed in careful listening, thoughtful consideration, and the continual reframing of our opponent’s position until we can reach an agrement, or an end point. We don’t seek conflict. We seek understanding. Our goal is to help our adversary see your position as an acceptable outcome and take it for their own. As such, our negotiated agreements are less stressful and more likely to reach the settlement table.

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Our team of industry-leading software engineers and data scientists are building analytical tools to help you answer real estate’s toughest questions.

These tools help us dig deeper, and go further in our analysis, then ever before to determine which properties represent the greatest potential return on your investment.


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To possibly over simplify – David is what a Realtor should be and what most Realtors should strive to be like. While working with David on many different transactions he would go above and beyond for the Relocating Client and their families. I would highly recommend David for any Relocating Transferee or general sales transaction.

- David J

“I found David to be many positive things, including realistic about pricing. Neither did he estimate an inflated sales price to get the initial contract, nor did he suggest a below market price in order to reduce his work by obtaining a quick sale. His business strategy for professional staging of a home will help make your home stand out among the excess of homes currently on the market. In my opinion, this is a necessity unless you are willing to sell for significantly less. His set up was different than other realtors I interviewed who simply would make recommendations on what I should do to stage the home. I didn’thave time or the inclination to do the staging myself and I was thankful for a Realtor with a professional team to do the job. “

- Chris C

“We were thoroughly satisfied with the job you did for us. We appreciate all the time you took to make sure we understood the process each step of the way, and how hard you worked to come up with positive solutions to keep the closing on track for both parties. Your marketing plan was first rate and we were specifically impressed with your “Pre-Market” program designed to make the house look the best, right from the start. We would highly recommend your services to any of our friends, and/or neighbors, looking for real estate services in Northern Virginia.”

- Todd D