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Real estate market update

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The real estate market continues to move forward despite COVID and the myriad challenges presented by the pandemic. Here’s the latest real estate market news to keep you up to date with how the market is performing and emerging trends.

Residential New Development Aims To Meet New Demands

The Wall Street Journal reports that luxury multi-unit new developments are increasingly implementing common areas that facilitate coworking and digital recording like dedicated "work" pods and fully-equipped studios designed for podcast and video productions.

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Study Finds What Buyers Focus On Most

As covered by Forbes, a recent study conducted by tracking eye movements of prospective real estate buyers found that their attention is most notably grabbed by kitchen appliances, bedroom sizes, and ease of access to outdoor areas.

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Outdoor Home Improvement Skyrockets

As the current pandemic has drawn many to covet private outdoor space, Forbes states that the demand for luxury exterior improvements and upgrades such as high-end outdoor kitchens, elaborate pools, and expansive fire pits have all surged in popularity.

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