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7 Overdone Home Trends That Are On the Way Out

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Home decorating trends are fickle. Trends come and go, and it's important to keep these trends in mind if you are trying to sell your home for maximum value. Remember, just because you like the look and feel of a design doesn't mean everyone else will. As a seller you can choose to target a specific taste, or go for a wider appeal with a more neutral design concept. 

7 Design Trends

Apartmenttherapy.com recently released an article describing 7 home trends they believe are on the the way out. 

7 Design Trends on the way out:

  1. Barn doors 
  2. All gray everything
  3. Open-concept kitchens
  4. Media rooms
  5. Brass kitchen fixtures
  6. Wine cellars
  7. All-white kitchens

I don't agree with all of their findings, but it's worth considering before you decide how to best position your home. If you'd like assistance in determining how to best present your home to the real estate market, click here to request a consultation. You'll want learn more about our Compass Concierge program and how it can help you defer the costs of renovation until settlement.